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Four years ago, Middletown Youth Soccer added a premier flight to our program called Sporting CT.  The program was built with the hope of keeping our best and brightest in town and give them a place to continue to grow as athletes and as citizens.  We have been very successful in keeping these children in town (both boys and girls) and surrounding them with other talented players from neighboring towns.  I am proud to say that Sporting CT is now playing at a regional level, with multiple players from our program being identified by national organizations, and our clubs are winning high profile tournaments along the way.

Sporting CT is taking a holistic approach to player development. We are using the game of soccer to create friendships, teach sportsmanship, grow our youth into well-rounded individuals with amazing character traits.

Our club believes in community involvement. Our teams, which start with 8 year olds, give back to the community through various different programs such as food drives, Valentines for Vets and donating their time at elderly communities. Overall, we have over 1,300 children in our program.

Of course, we cannot do this alone, and I am asking for your support. We are fortunate to have sponsors, partners and board members. But to continue to grow the program, bring in more children, fund better green space and make Middletown a vital part of the soccer community, I am asking you to review the attached.

As a 501(c)3 there are many ways you can assist us as supporters of this non-profit. Community funding will help these children, create visibility for you and your business and help grow a vibrant Middletown community.

I welcome the chance to speak to you in person about how we can partner. Thank you for your consideration and let’s grow soccer together!


Zach Eddinger



2004 Boys at the local food pantry.  

2004 Boys at the local food pantry.  

Community Service

At the heart of what we do on the soccer field is working together to build stronger character in the children we work with.  With this in mind we have stepped outside of the soccer field and into the local community to give back.  Sporting CT teams work with a variety of programs within the community to give back.

Kylie Scott from the 2007 girls team stands with animal food for a local animal shelter.

Kylie Scott from the 2007 girls team stands with animal food for a local animal shelter.

Building Culture

Through our relationships with the local community we hope to support them and in return we hope they will support us.  It would be fun to create an enviornment in our local community of "fans" to come and support the young children at their games in town.  We hope the teams can build those relationships.  

5 core character values.  

5 core character values.  

Sporting CT Character Wheel

We have identified the following 5 character traits as important to our club.  Respect, Unity, Grace, Ambition and Trust.  Each word also has sub-words that fall under them that we will try and impart on our players over the course of the year.  These 5 words can build a well rounded young man or woman.


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