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In our 3rd year teams went together to watch the NE Revolution play in Foxboro.

Who we are...

In 2012 Sporting CT was born of a desire to change the way soccer was being approached in Connecticut.  We wanted to create a culture that extended beyond the field for our players and families.  We worked hard in the early days to make sure it was a family environment on all levels.  We felt that we could take the relationship of the players and families and grow them closer together to form a bond that would last a lifetime.  Win or lose our teams would be about more than just the game.  As we continue to grow and shape our values at our core, that has not changed.  We morphed the family feel to a tribe mentality because we want to push the envelope of player development and, with that, there is the sad truth that not all players can stay inside the family.  

Our club stands for more than just individual teams playing in the same jerseys.  Our club works for one another.  They go out to dinner and travel on vacation with their friends from their teams and other teams.  They create lifelong bonds that stand the test of time.  This is exactly what we want.  

As we look into the future of the program, we will extend this desire to be more, to do more, to teach more.  Sporting CT is committed to our community and teaching our young players core values that will help them in life.  While it is our desire to create players of the highest quality that can live the dream to play professional soccer, the realistic truth is that for most, it will not happen.  We also recognize that the soccer players that do make it to the highest level have a set of core values that have helped push them to become the players that they are.  These core values are usually learned in the household, classroom and from society.  We at Sporting are looking to teach those core values in our local community.  Each of our teams will be pushed to volunteer their time and efforts outside of the soccer field.  They will go into local food pantries and help stock the shelves for the homeless, they will assist in nursing homes and play card games and have conversations with the elderly.  They will hold canned food drives and raise awareness for specific causes.  They will play kickball or other activities with handicap children.  Our goal is to help develop the entire child.

 Soccer is a great foundation for learning life skills.  An awareness of what other people in the world have to deal with can translate to the soccer field and is another great learning lesson that can help shape these children into great people!  

Sporting CT is dedicated to using soccer as a tool to build character. In turn, we can use that character to develop not only the highest level soccer players, but outstanding individuals and citzens! 



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