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Taking a Holistic approach to player development

Non-Profit soccer club Middletown, CT

What is Sporting CT?

Sporting Connecticut (Sporting CT) is the premier soccer club of Middletown Youth Soccer a  non-profit 501(3)(c) soccer organization based out of Middletown, CT.  "In 1974 a core group of Middletown parents and kids began playing soccer.  In 1985, now with about 500 players, Middletown Youth Soccer was incorporated in Connecticut as a 501(3)(c) (non-profit) organization.  By 2005 MYS had over 1100 players on 61 teams playing over 300 games each fall season.  In addition there are spring and fall travel team leagues that play another 80 games." ( Today the organization has over 1200 members between the three tiers of the club - Middletown Recreation, Middletown Magic and Sporting CT.

Why Sporting CT?


What does Sporting CT offer?

Sporting was formed to transform what it meant to be a "club."  We had been around other soccer programs and saw there were only a very few that were a more than just individual teams.  We aspire to develop players capable of playing on a national and international level in the future. 

We offer the following programs...

  • Sporting CT - Club Teams
  • Sporting CT camps and clinics - Offered throughout the year
  • Sporting CT Club Alliance Program - Helping surrounding programs
  • Coaching School - Coaching education program
  • Sporting CT Legacy Program - Soccer for our youngest members
  • Connecticut Sol - Summer Select Soccer program

Where do the teams play?

Our home base is in Middletown, CT.  During the outdoor season our facility is at 395 Country Club Rd. in Middletown and in the winter our facility is at 1280 Newfield St. in Middletown.  

For games, our teams travel locally and regionally for leagues and for tournaments throughout the East Coast.  As the teams continue to develop, travel may grow as well.

Who do the teams play?

Our younger teams play locally against other state competition.  Starting at U13 for the 11 v 11 games, we put our top flight teams into regional competition currently through the EDP.  Teams come from NY, NJ, CT, and MA, and we travel to them as well.  The league depends upon how well the individual team is doing.

What is the goal of the club?

This is a pretty loaded question.  The dream is to be a club similar to Barcelona in Spain.  You ask why Barca?  When you research values of soccer clubs on the web for Barcelona this is what comes up - "Respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility are the five principal values that define the spirit of FC Barcelona" ( When you look up Manchester United what comes up is the following - "Manchester United is VALUEd at $2.23 Million dollars."  While Barcelona holds tremendous value as a company, the values of their players is still at the forefront of everything they do.  Their accomplishments on the field are followed up by things like this. "FC Barcelona U-14 team nominated for Best Sporting Moment of the Year 2016".  

Is this a stretch goal? Of course it is.  It is meant to be because if we stretch, then everything gets better to push to get there.  Short term we want to add value to all of our players by helping to shape them into strong young men and women.  We want to help them achieve their individual goals weather that is high school soccer, college D1, D2 or D3 or playing beyond that.  If we feel we are not the correct learning environment for them, we will move them on.  This environment for us is more than just the game, though we want to add value both on and off the field for these kids.  We want to create a U23 boys and girls team to give them a chance to play while in college and hopefully amateur and professional teams.  

Sporting CT

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